Axel J. Sannino is a Paris-based filmmaker and storyteller.

At the age of 20, he left his philosophy studies at the University of La Sorbonne to focus on filmmaking. He started to work regularly with the fashion industry and began a successful collaboration with the French jeweler Arthus-Bertrand.

After Trump's election, he worked on a six minutes film questioning the impact of violent images called Political Statement (2017). The film was exhibited at Le Coeur the Parisian gallery with synchronized large images on three walls of the room to create an immersive experience. The same year he has been spotted by Nelly Rodi, the famous Parisian trend agency as one of the promising talents in the fashion industry. After his successful exhibition, he worked with the UN Women’s movement HeForShe, on an event for the social equality of the sexes at Les Arts Decoratifs. He wrote his first personal short film about a love triangle: Boyfriends (2017) which will be projected at the hotel Le Pigalle Paris. The same year he created a creative agency also called Boyfriends, with nine other content creators, aimed to create quality content for fashion brands and nonprofit organizations.

In 2018 Axel J. Sannino worked on the screenplay of his first drama short film called Jerk Off, a film reflection on the fashion industry, the obsession with nudity on social media, and the lack of commitment from the audience to what they watch. Brutal, explicit, unapologetic, and political, Jerk Off is written as a wake-up call and embodies everything that defines his work. The shooting started in 2019 in a Parisian hotel. The film is currently in post-production.

Passionate about shaping a visual universe, Axel also worked on multiple graphic identities for brands. In 2020, he created the visual identity of the French podcast studio Mauvaises Têtes mostly known for Flamboyantes a podcast about French Drag Queens & Kings. The same year he co-founded the Heaven Club a disco nightclub party in Paris, and took care of the brand identity of the party. He worked as a Creative Director for a new technology start-up for two years, reshaping from the ground up the whole brand & visual identity, including a new website, communication visuals, and a new UI app design.

Axel is currently working on the editing of Jerk Off while writing a narrative scripted podcast called Sixteen, and his first full-length film, The Holy Twelve.

At the same time he's working with multiple clients as a content creator here are some of them: