commercials / fashion

Directed by Axel J. Sannino
Produced by Boyfriends

Campaign film for the french art brand Korine.

WARNING. This video is an artistic project that contains images that may be disturbing to some viewers. This video is not made for a young public. Those images are all taken from YouTube. You can easily find it by a simple search without age restrictions. This project was built to create a reflexion about the impact of images and the brutality of reality. Entertainment? News channels? Can everything be showed to viewers? Brutality is now banality. The artist creates a reflexion between reality and fiction. Exposing images of our world, and our reality isn’t exposing ourselves? This artistic project was exposed in a Parisian gallery and now available online.

Music credits:
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein Kids II
The Entertainment by YACHT
Positif by Mr. Oizo

About the artist:

Axel J. Sannino, is a paris based filmmaker, photographer and visual artist, used to fashion world, with which he works regularly. After a successful collaboration with the famous french jeweler Arthus-Bertrand he chose an artistic way to express his skills.
Trained to philosophy, and influenced by the cinema of the 90's and horror's movie, he try to make a statement about the world we live in.
In 2016, Axel has co-founded the french "Art brand" KORINE, and Boyfriends. In March 2017, he exposed two artwork in the parisian gallery "Le coeur".