in production


A true crime journalist is interviewing a serial killer who been convicted to life sentence for the murder of Sixteen young men. What started as an investigation into the mind of a psychopath became a unexpected friendship. 


"People will think I'm obsessed with serial killers. The thing is I always have many stories at the same time. I write things I have in my mind that eventually will become scripts. Right after the shooting of Jerk Off,  I had this idea about a scripted narrative podcast. A conversation between two characters that will be connected to the same universe I created. Something that could allow me to go deeper on the many topics I explored in Jerk Off. 

Also I don't like when relationships ends and writing characters is pretty much like having a relationship with someone, it's not just about the story. As a writer the characters we've created has lives on their own, then its up to us to explore it or not."